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Eroticism, sex contacts and intimate sex dates in the sex metropolis BERLIN

With more than 3.0 million inhabitants, Berlin is not only the most populous city and capital of Germany, capital of the Christmas markets and 9x the size of Paris, but also with around 8,000 prostitutes in around 600 brothels, streets (Kurfürstenstraße, Oranienburger Straße, Genthiner Straße, Bülowstraße, Tiergartenstraße, Straße des 17 Juni), date apartments, apartment brothels, countless massage parlors or escort agencies also one of the sex metropolises worldwide. Sexual diversity is more freely lived in no other European capital than here. No matter if cuddly sex, harder gaits like SM / BDSM or transen, gay and lesbian sex or excessive swinger parties - in countless clubs, cinemas and trendy clubs there is something for everyone and becomes a treat for all kinds of sensual pleasures well taken care of.

Interesting facts about Berlin

BERLIN - The place in the swamp

The name BERLIN has its origin in the Slavic language and is made up of the word "BRL" for swamp / mud and the ending "IN", which was typical for place names at the time. In name (formerly "Der Berlin") Berlin is the "place in the swamp".

BERLIN - The most multicultural city in Germany

The approximately 3.0 million inhabitants include approximately 500,000 citizens with a foreign passport. More than 180 nations are permanently resident in the city.