Base plus package

green small triangle - What this means? BasePlus

BasePlusmeans that himself the advertiser has verified by payment of a low fee personally with us.

What means for the readers?

Withto base plus advertisementsFakes and "link corpses" are to be found only very seldom. Why should somebody pay, finally, a fee if there him is not at all...?

What means for the advertisers?

  • BasePlus advertisementsare indicated about the "normal" advertisements and are clicked therefore more often.
  • BasePlus advertisements are preferred compared with "normal" advertisements free-switched.
  • There the readers know that themselvesBasePlus advertisersmust verify by payment of a low fee, they will pull up such advertisements by her choice certainly preferentially, because here "Fakes" are not to be found so often.
Can be attained and be finished any time this in:MY AREA >> MY ADVERTISEMENTS >>DETAILS SHOW >>package work on advertisement revalue.