nothing doing? Not with us!

The advertiser has appointments freely up to the given time.

information for our readers:

Advertisers with the note *IMMEDIATELY appointment possibly* have exactly now (at this moment) and at least up to the time given in each case time to agree on a date with You or to meet You.

Information for our advertisers:

The of several hours wait for clientele? This phenomenon will be unknown to most, with us advertising, :) But even though - every now and then it rules for a few hours of stagnation.
At short notice, for example, a more hourly date was called off, the weather is too bad for run clientele, advertisement in the off-line media does not achieve the desired resonance, or, or or...
Also here we are again forerunners and have contrived for our advertisers a little bit reallyActual...

As functioned this? quite simply!