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  • Dornenschloss Essener Straße 17a, 04129 Leipzig, Sachsen, Deutschland
  • Escort24 Agentur
  • Weißer Schwan Lübecker Straße 113, 01157 Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland
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Interesting facts about Saxony and the Free State of Saxony

The state capital and largest metropolitan area is Dresden, the most populous city is Leipzig, the third city is Chemnitz.
With around 4 million inhabitants (6th place) and an area of around 18,400 square kilometers (10th place), Saxony ranks in the middle among the 16 German federal states. Saxony, the easternmost federal state in Germany, was re-established as a state in the course of German reunification in 1990.
The Saxons have always been extremely innovative. Inventions like the bra with adjustable straps (1899), the first coffee filter bag "Melitta" (1908), the first mouthwash "Odol" (1892), the first toothpaste (1907) or the porcelain invented in Meißen in 1708 are still omnipresent .