Under oral traffic (from lat. one understands Os, oris = mouth) sexual methods with which a sexual partner caresses the genitals of the other with the mouth (the lips, the tongue, to the teeth) and stimulates.
The explained concepts are equally used for hetero-and homosexual traffic.


most people use to the description of oral sex dialectal paraphrases as for example bubbles or French and foreign word (Blowjob, suck micron thickly, to go down on somebody [engl.]).
With Fellatio exclusively the stimulation of the male limb with the mouth is called. The concept Fellatio is descended from the Latin word Fur ares which so much like suck meant. The name will often blow for the Fellatio also, blowing, Blowjob, sucking or also French used. In call girl's announcements abbreviations are often spread; "find-place", "French opt." or "in French optimally": without condom; "French deadly." or "in French totally": without condom with sperm gulps.
The stimulation of the female Vulva with the mouth is called Cunnilingus or simply with the word Leakages.
As a form of the oral traffic the French kiss can be already looked in the farthest sense.


Oral-Traffic becomes from many people as a possibility to stimulate the partner and to bring him to the orgasm as very attractive felt. Moreover, he often seems in the sexual prelude, e.g., to stimulate an erection or with the woman the secretion river with the man.
Oral traffic can be felt by both partners as very intensive, because the gender organ of the mouth hard and with the tongue in to certain places it can be stimulated.
However, there are also men and women who reject it for most different reasons to caress the genital regions with the mouth. In some antique cultures, also such, otherwise, with sexual methods were rather tolerant, the oral traffic was rejected in general. Possibly this lay with the infection danger higher at that time by the lower possibilities of the hygiene, came to the fact that infections ended much more often fatally, because modern drugs were not known yet.



The male genital, above all the penis, but also the testicles are licked with tongue and lips to the sexual stimulation, are kissed and in the mouth taken.


The Irrumatio resembles as much as possible of the Fellatio. The essential difference lies in the fact, that the possibility of that whose oral opening is penetrated to have influence on the penetration, to bite rather slightly (if one once from the possibility, anyway is often excluded by the pressing of the cheeks from the outside between the teeth, refrains; for the purpose of avoidance of verb International Space Station damages (possibly in case of from epileptic or other cramps) special mechanical devices also offer which keep open mouth) is. Rather the penis is pushed by his bearer in the opening and also is pulled out again to stimulate selbigen so. That, his mouth is penetrated, behaves mostly passively.


The female genitals, above all the Vulva and in particular the clitoris are licked with tongue and lips and are kissed. Also of her Vaginal entrance can be stimulated with the tongue. Often one succeeds in the Cunnilingus lighter in bringing the woman to the orgasm, because one straighter irritation of the clitoris is possible.

69 - 69

The sex position 69
The mutual use of oral stimulation with both partners is called "69" - according to the form of both Arabian figures 69. In a position more comfortable for both partners both lie on the side.


as a Deepthroating [ˈdiːp ˌθ roʊt ɪŋ] also in English Deep Throat (deep throat) is called a variation of the oral traffic with which a penis or Dildo is totally taken up in the pharynx.

with this sexual method originates in contrast to the normal Fellatio a feeling of the narrowness around the acorn of the penis. As with anal intercourse the danger of injuries exists with lacking relaxation, preparation or thoughtfulness. Also the stimulation of the Uvula can cause, above all in missing relaxation or wrong positioning, the natural Würgreflex.

The strength of the appearing Würgereflexes can be decreased by repeated release gradually (Habituation), but it can absolutely last several months, until of the Würgreflex is under control. On account of the Würgereizes the Deepthroating can be disagreeable for the taking up partner, because he must concentrate not upon the partner and the sex with him, but upon the suppression of the reflex. Besides, a Habituation of the Würgereflexes is not recommendable for medical reasons on account of the protective function of the reflex. Danger also exists if it comes to an Aspiration. Besides, parts of the highly strangled stomach contents reach in the windpipe or lung what leads with high likelyhood to a pneumonia.

Deepthroating is exercised in hetero-as well as homosexual relations and is often shown in porno films.


even if the anus does not count originally to the gender organs, is the stimulation of the anus with mouth or tongue, the so-called To count Anilingus, however, to the oral sexual technologies. Here the name " Rimming >" or "Rimjob" is also used.

Hygienic and medical aspects

A French study suggests the end that the Papiloma viruses transferred with the oral sex can release oral cancer. Thus have The patients with which of this virus was proved in the oral mucosa 10 times more frequent oral sex than the average. There, however, alcohol and Cigarette consumption the main cause of the oral cancer remains, the scientists of the study do not advise the oral sex abstinence.

Syphillis can be transferred by oral sex.

urthermore can transfer oral traffic hepatitis B and particularly Anilingus hepatitis A.

The likelyhood of a HIV infection is very low, nevertheless, it is recommended after general doctrine, with the Fellatio nobody To take up sperm in the mouth and to renounce Cunnilingus during the monthly period or to use a leakage cloth.

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