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Of Immediate appointment detail APPOINTMENT

I am interested very much. How does everything function now exactly?

As well as with you (what concerns the clientele) stagnation it rules or threatens, simply send on your mobile phone an SMS with theirs Advertisement-ID (stands in the foot of every advertisement) followed from BLANK and desired duration during hours (1-8) to the number: +44 793 794 793 8

syntax: of advertisement-ID - BLANK number of hours (1-8)


  • SMS with: in 1273, 5 at 14:00 o'clock The advertisement with the ID 1273 is moved till 19:00 o'clock (5 hours) into the IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT STATUS.
  • SMS with: in 1273 0 finishes the IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT STATUS. They receive a credit for the remaining time.
  • other examples (Only for logged in advertisers obviously)

Per hour are drawn off to you for this extremely actual advertising measure 1.00€ from your credit account.
There the fee of quite a normal SMS comes to England which varies according to mobile radio operator around some cent.

Becoming the transaction successfully carried out (few seconds minutes later), you receive a confirmation-SMS and your advertisement for the next X hours well visible note: " IMMEDIATELY APPOINTMENT till clock XX:XX possibly " and is listed immediately on place 1 (about all the other advertisements of the same category) and is indicated.
This not only on this offer, but on to all to us to connected announcement markets and web pages and in all our ones To the call girl-advertising banners which have integrated again dozens other web masters, side operators and forum operators into her own sides and promote.
Their advertisement is put out with status "IMMEDIATELY APPOINTMENT" immediately and without detours to the most massive accesses of potential clientele - Long while will not arise to you there definitely...

Additional service with expired advertisements

Advertisements in the "Free base package" are extended with successful transaction, in addition, by other 30 days. They can use the SMS in addition to extend your advertisement by SMS - even if you cannot be on-line once.